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We work as your exclusive agent finding and locating vessels using our extensive knowledge of luxury yachts, including construction and maintenance. If the right vessel can’t be found we can work with designs and yards to create it for you. We have been involved in the building and project management of many new builds through to complete re-builds and restorations.

Boating is a passion for us, its what we do all week and what we do all weekend. Our other passion is helping people get into the “right” yacht, to allow them to fulfill their boating dreams.

 Under our arrangement as a buyers agent, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Develop a brief after understanding all your needs and wants in a luxury yacht
  • Provide constant feedback on the positives and negatives on vessels, layouts and engines etc
  • We contact on and off market opportunities on your behalf
  • Conduct a local and/or international search in order to find potential vessels
  • Arrange to view those vessels which we all agree fit the “criteria” we have developed together
  • Conduct enquiries to establish vessel history through our market connections, manufacturers and service people
  • Engage in negotiation for the purchase on your behalf
  • Develop the terms of an offer and purchase document to work in your favour
  • Assist in the wording of special conditions in the offer
  • Explain the terms and conditions in the sellers contract (Note: Occasionally expert legal advice may be required)
  • Arrange and oversee pre-purchase inspections and interpret the results
  • Manage the post inspection negotiation if required
  • Monitor the settlement process to ensure it runs smoothly on your behalf
  • Advise on post purchase vessel maintenance management schedules